Mobile Workforce in the Mobile Cloud

Asta Labs has already started commercial deployment of its Asta Workforce product that constitutes one more element of the Asta Operations solution suite. Asta Workforce enables managing teams of mobile employees by defining and supervising groups of mobile workers, assigning work orders to entire teams and selected individuals, monitoring location of the employees, their availability and workload, as well as controlling work progress and reporting work results. Asta Workforce is a truly mobile cloud solution, which is offered as a service (hosted in the Windows Azure or a Windows Server-based environment) that can be accessed from smartphones and tablets, with applications available for download directly from the app stores.

With the Asta Workgroup Manager application arbitrary workforce teams can be defined by assigning employees to (multiple) workgroups as either plain workers or workgroup managers, based on their competences and skills. The application allows work supervisors to send work requests to workforce teams, and workgroup managers to monitor the location of team members, their status and workload, and assign work requests based on their capabilities and availability. The requests can be equipped with work questionnaires, documents and images required for completing and reporting the requested task.

The Asta Workers Dashboard application allows team members to manage their status and availability, and to receive work related notifications and to pick up and accept work requests. The application is used for managing assigned work request, controlling their deadlines, and reporting their progress and completion. It also supports intra- and inter-team communication, time-, distance-, and traffic-optimised navigation to the location where the requested task is to be performed, as well as other work support functions.

Asta Workforce can be customised to suit the needs of the majority of companies from utilities, communications, healthcare, security, marketing and other sectors. Apart from simple customisation of the description of employee capabilities, workforce managers can exploit advanced capabilities and customisation features of the Asta Surveys technology, to define arbitrary work questionnaires and reports.

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