Asta Surveys Released

The Asta Surveys technology enables conducting arbitrary business-related and technical surveys using smartphones and tablets. The gathered information can be further analysed exploiting the business intelligence capabilities provided by Asta Architecture.

Thus, service providers can organise an on-line process of collecting data about their current and potential customers, the perception of their offer, their competitors, etc., directly at customer premises, while infrastructure providers, in particular communications and utility network providers and operators, can gather information on the technical infrastructure available at their customers’ premises, conduct technical interviews on their own infrastructural sites and connections, and on the equipment that is placed at those locations.

The Asta Survey Wizard application allows for freely defining surveys — one can add a new survey, define a number of open and closed queries, edit questions and answers, specify the single- or multiple-choice mode for closed-answer queries, link queries by specifying which answers unlock which queries, require attaching multimedia (pictures, videos, documents, etc.) while answering a query.

And the Asta Interview Master application enables conducting interviews using defined surveys. It features a simple and intuitive interface — answers are selected from drop-down or check-box lists, out-of-context queries are automatically skipped, multimedia can be attached by recording voice or taking a photo with an embedded camera, etc. Completed questionnaires with attached geo-position-related information are sent on-line to the central repository and can be viewed immediately, or business intelligence can be used to process the data from the questionnaires off-line. Both applications are available on Windows smartphones as well as on Windows tablets.

All components of Asta Surveys are implemented on Asta Platform and the Asta Surveys technology is integrated into the majority of (if not all) Asta Labs solutions, in particular into Asta Sales and Asta Operations — it is used, e.g., in the Marketing subsystem for organising market surveys and marketing campaigns, in the Customers subsystem for contacting customers in the call-centre and self-care mode, and in the Resources subsystem for running resource provisioning, maintenance and service activities.