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Asta Mobile Lab at Mobile Congress

On February 27th-March 2nd Asta Labs presented its IoT (Internet of Things) solutions at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016. The congress was held in Barcelona, Spain, the Mobile World Capital since 2011. The MWC is the main event of the mobile industry and related industries, organised by the GSM Association (GSMA). The annual gathering, combining a world-class exhibition and an award-winning conference programme, the MWC is a “must-be” for everyone who is part of the mobile industry. In Barcelona, Asta Labs, a software partner of Sigfox in Poland, demonstrated live innovative IoT network inventory solutions and their integration with Sigfox technology in the network of Cellnex Telecom, Spain, the largest IoT network provider in Europe.

Asta IoT at Smart City Expo

On November 17-19th Asta Labs partnered Sigfox at Smart City Expo World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Spain. The congress is the main event dedicated to the development of the smart city vision and the major forum for presenting how the smart city concept is being implemented with IoT (Internet of Things) technologies.

Asta Labs’ commitment to the idea of smart city dates back to when its innovative Asta Smart City product was released. In Barcelona, Sigfox presented an entire portfolio of working smart city solutions based on miscellaneous types of sensor-based IoT devices connected to the IoT network. And demonstrated how the configuration and state of IoT devices can be effectively managed in real time with Asta Inventory of Things — another innovative solution from Asta Labs being a new-generation resource inventory system. The solutions and their integration were demonstrated live in the network of Cellnex Telecom, Spain, which is the largest IoT network in Europe, comprising 1.3k base stations with the capacity of 1M devices each. The network is built using the LPWA technology from Sigfox, which is a major 4L (Low Power-Long Range-Low Traffic-Low Cost) IoT network technology.

Asta Labs at European Utility Week

On November 3rd-5th solutions of Asta Labs were presented at the European Utility Week 2015 conference in Vienna, Austria. The conference gathered over 10,000 smart energy professionals from around the world trying to answer the question of how the energy sector can move forward by utilising the tremendous potential of the smart energy industry, in particular in the areas of Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT).

At the booth of Sigfox a live demo presented the integration of the Asta Inventory of Things — Asta IoT — product with the IoT network based on the LPWA technology from Sigfox. A proven cost-effective and secure 4L (Low Power-Long Range-Low Traffic-Low Cost) IoT network technology, the technology from Sigfox enables building large IoT networks with hundreds of thousands of connected devices. EED (Every European Digital), Asta Labs’ partner and the partner of Sigfox in Poland, demonstrated how Asta IoT can answer the challenges of managing such vast numbers of IoT devices equipped with miscellaneous types of sensors. Asta Inventory of Things is an innovative resource inventory solution that enables managing the configuration and state of IoT devices in real time as well as managing deployment and maintenance processes of the IoT network.

Asta Labs at Microsoft Partner Strategy Conference

On October 15-16th Asta Labs took part in the Microsoft Partner Strategy Conference 2014, held in Serock near Warsaw. An annual event, this year the conference promoted Microsoft’s motto ‘mobile first, cloud first’, concentrating on the issues of cloud computing, mobility, social media, security, and Big Data. The conference gathered more than 130 prominant Microsoft Partner companies from the Polish IT sector.

Regarded by Microsoft in Poland as one of the most promising partners in the area of advanced software solutions, Asta Labs has been among just several software vendors directly invited by the organizers. Using such an excellent opportunity, Asta Labs demonstrated the entire portfolio of its innovative mobile cloud solutions for both corporate and private users, presenting an exact answer to the challenge that results from the conference’s motto.

Lab Resources Reservation on Asta Platform

Using the newest release of the Asta Platform, the flagship product of Asta Labs, the Department of Switching and Computer Networks of the Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) has just implemented the first production version of its Lab Resources Reservation system. The system allows the students that attend the courses provided by the Institute of Telecommunications (IT; the parent unit of the Department) to reserve the time and the resources required for their laboratory assignments.

As a rule the resources are accessed remotely and are provisioned at runtime using the virtualisation capabilities of the Department’s IT infrastructure. Already supporting a considerable number of courses provided by the Institute, the system is used by almost 400 students of the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technologies. While primarily allowing the students to reserve the lab resources it also provides the lecturers with the capabilities of monitoring the reservation process.

The system has been implemented by the students who are active in the scientific circle of the Mobile Applications and Systems, supervised by staff members of the Department. The entire phase of system design, coding, testing and deployment has been completed within 6 weeks.

Cooperation with the Warsaw University of Technology

Asta Labs has signed a cooperation agreement with the Institute of Telecommunications (IT) of the Warsaw University of Technology (WUT), the major and most prominent technical university in Poland. The Institute of Telecommunications and Asta Labs are eager to establish a collaboration relationship that will involve innovative research and development projects pertaining, in particular, to the Telco 2.0, IMS, LTE, and FTTx technologies. According to the agreement, Asta Labs will provide the Institute of Telecommunications with the most current version of its software Asta Platform and the corresponding know-how. The platform includes Asta Services and Asta API allowing for the mobile application- and cloud computing-based system development and deployment.