Asta Objects

Asta Objects is a generic information management system by Asta Labs that allows for simple modelling, managing and accessing arbitrary textual, multimedia and geographic information. A highly scalable cloud computing solution deployable both in the SaaS and PaaS models, it provides for data and meta-data access from a collection of attractive custom Asta Objects mobile applications or through a set of general standards-based Asta Objects service interfaces.

Object-oriented model

Asta Objects allows for expressing complex information in a very straightforward manner as a hierarchy of objects of different classes. Different types of data entities are modelled with different object classes, with the properties of the entities being modelled as the attributes associated with the class.

Capabilities of defining attribute syntax, grouping attributes into reusable attribute packages as well as package and class inheritance are all supported. The model can be defined in a very simple spreadsheet</span< and loaded into the system using Asta Objects' model access services.

Object browsing

Information can be retrieved from the Asta Objects repository by following the hierarchy of objects and stepping down to the descendants of the selected objects, and by filtering objects either with their object class or with a more complex logical condition referring to object attribute values. Objects can be browsed, new objects can be created and existing objects can be removed either using the objects browser Asta Objects application or invoking objects access Asta Objects services.

Objects that represent geographical data can be localised and browsed on the map of the map objects browser mobile Asta Objects application, using the capabilities of object filtering according to the geographical area and to the object class.

Object inspection

The values of attributes of every single browsed object can be retrieved and modified using objects access Asta Objects services or with the object viewer mobile Asta Objects application. The values of the attributes can be modified, added or removed; multiple values of a single attribute are accepted. The attribute time-awareness unique feature of the Asta Objects information model allows for setting the time span at which the attribute value is valid.

Meta-data objects

The metadata defining the information model is represented in the same manner as regular data: it has the form of the collection of objects of predefined classes that describe the definitions of syntaxes, attributes, packages and classes.

The unique Asta Objects’ feature is the capability to extend the information model at run-time, with zero coding, at the application level, simply by creating new meta-data-defining objects. Stored in the same way and in the same repository as regular data, the meta-data can be browsed and retrieved using common technical means – with general objects access services and mobile applications of the Asta Objects. Additionally, specialised model access services and model browser applications are also available for managing the information model.

Concept usage

Asta Objects is supposed to be the manifesto of our vision and of the fundamental engineering concepts supporting our products. The live expression of the architectural and technological ideas that back our systems, it also constitutes an important element of our product development platform, playing the role of the root from which all other systems are derived.

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