Now Asta Marketing

Asta Marketing is another new mobile cloud computing system from Asta Labs, which enables organising and managing marketing campaigns — running market surveys and distributing marketing information — using mobile devices. Implemented on Asta Architecture, Asta Marketing is offered as a service, hosted in the Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud.

Exploiting advanced capabilities and customisation features of the Asta Surveys technology, marketing managers of all types of companies can define arbitrary marketing surveys composed of freely defined queries with closed and open answers. Then, they can define marketing targets, which can be people, companies and arbitrary objects identified either directly or by means of addresses, characteristics, etc. Finally, supported by workflow and workforce capabilites of Asta Platform, they can define and manage teams of surveyors — mobile marketers — who are responsible for conducting surveys by interrogating their assigned marketing targets within assigned time periods. With mobile marketers filling in survey questionnaires and gathering textual and multimedia information using tablets and smartphones, the managers can review completed surveys in real time on their mobile devices, analysing the gathered information and the efficiency of marketer groups and individual surveyors.