In order to facilitate the integration of our systems with third-party products and alleviate problems at system deployment, we base the implementation of our solutions on well established Internet and information technology standards from the IETF, W3C and OMG. We also rely on contemporary high-level standards of communications services and business processes published, respectively, by the ITU-T, ETSI and 3GPP, and by the TMF, aiming to offer solutions that are designed on proven conceptual frameworks, structured around commonly accepted architectural patterns, and implemented with widely used technologies.

Although we address community services and business processes that are not specific to the telecommunications sector, our solutions are strongly influenced by the business model promoted by the Telco 2.0 initiative. In such a context, using the Frameworx standards suite from the TMF, which is supposed to constitute a framework for business processes, information models, and application functions, we structure our solutions around the generic notions of the customer, service, resource and partner, as well as around generic business processes of product strategy and planning, and service fulfillment, assurance, and billing. And using the Parlay/OSA (Open Services Architecture) standards from the ETSI and 3GPP, which define how to access and invoke communications services provided by the operators of fixed and mobile telecommunications networks, we provide innovative services relying on instant messaging, location- and context-based information, and third-party control of multimedia multiparty communication.

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