Smart Mobile Workforce Hub for Humans and IoT Devices

Asta Workforce Smart Hub by Asta Labs is a new-generation cloud computing solution for managing mobile workforce. In the first place, it is a regular workforce system that provides classical workflow and workforce management functions of worker skills and availability management, team composition and scheduling, worker and team tracking and communication, trouble ticketing and order management, task assignment and task status and progress monitoring, etc. But the system also acts as a smart hub for IoT devices, chat bots, voice bots and voice assistants, which handles dialogues with humans and devices, converts their messages into task orders that are dispatched to mobile teams and their members, and conveys back the information on ordered tasks’ completion and status.


The dialogues with customers and devices and the communication with workforce can be handled using multiple types of channels via appropriate modules and plugins: Internet chat bots installed in web pages and integrated into messenger apps, in particular Facebook Messenger; Internet voice assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Orange Djingo; telephone voice bots; 2G mobile network USSD and SMS channels, Internet of Things gateways; workgroup applications, in particular of Microsoft Teams/Office365 solution. The inbound and outbound messages can be additionally routed via AI services of speech to text conversion and language translation.

Asta Workforce Smart Hub can be used by the telecom services provider as a system that supports the company’s operations and increases their efficiency. More readily, as it provides numerous APIs to integrate with the provider’s or the provider customer’s product catalogue, workflow management, billing and payment solutions, Asta Workforce Smart Hub can be treated by the provider as a multitenant platform for offering innovative 5G cloud services to their business customers – supporting business processes of product marketing, order management, resource provisioning, service activation, trouble ticketing.