Asta Product Catalogue for Sales

Asta Product Catalogue is another mobile cloud solution from Asta Labs that is directed towards corporate users. The solution enables creating, managing and presenting a catalogue of products that are offered either directly by the company or by its partners. The catalogue can contain textual and multimedia specifications of the products and multiple groups of product offerings with profiled product pricing. Due to its rich, multimedia content and attractive means of presentation being applied, the catalogue can be used for both sales and marketing purposes.

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Implemented on Asta Architecture, Asta Product Catalogue is a mobile cloud solution, which is offered as a service hosted in the Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud but can also be deployed in a private Windows Server-based environment. Asta Product Catalogue constitutes an element of the Asta Sales solution suite.

The Product Basket mobile application available for smarthphones and tablets can be used to present the entire product offer in an intuitive, easy and attractive way — it allows browsing product groups, searching for products by tags and characteristics, and presenting product-related pictures, videos, diagrams, and simple descriptons.

The application can be used either on site at sales offices or directly at customer premises by mobile representatives of the company. In the latter case those mobile representatives can also immediately collect customer feedback and even product orders by completing product or customer-related surveys in real time.

Product managers can define the company’s offer using the Asta Product Eden application. They can define specifications of products being goods, resources, or services by introducing product descriptions, defining selectable product characteristics and attaching multimedia visualisations. Apart from elementary products, complex products can be defined as well by bundling together arbitrary component products.

Then product offerings can be defined by attaching pricing schemes to product specifications and defining conditions of discounts and promotions. The offerings can be arbitrarily tagged and grouped according to product domain, customer target group, distribution channel, etc.

Exploiting advanced capabilities and customisation features of the Asta Surveys technology, product, sales and marketing managers can define arbitrary sales and marketing surveys composed of freely defined queries with closed and open answers, which are supposed to be used while presenting an offer to a potential customer.

New-Gen Resource Inventory

Asta Labs has released Asta Resources — a unique, new generation resource inventory solution. It enables managing information on resource configuration and processes of resource deployment and maintenance within diverse, in particular networking, environments of telecommunications networks, power grids, communications and transport infrastructures, and others. Information on both physical and logical resources can be managed – infrastructure sites and infrastructure connections, equipment and its hardware and software modules, logical connections, and much more. The information can have the rich multimedia form of photos, videos, documents, figures, floor plans, etc., and be presented using road and satellite maps and 3D visualisations. Asta Resources allows for resource management in a multi-party environment, when the resources are owned by different companies, which can describe their owned resources as planned or installed, designate as public or private, share them and lease, etc.

Asta Resources is an advanced and modern system but at the same time it is lightweight and simple. It is a mobile cloud computing system that supports a true SaaS model. A company can obtain its dedicated instance of Asta Resources in a matter of minutes with on-line registration of the company’s account, in real time activation of the company’s services in the cloud, and immediate, on-demand download of smartphone and tablet applications from the app store by the company’s employees. Implemented on Asta Architecture, Asta Resources is a highly scalable system that can be hosted in the Microsoft’s public Windows Azure cloud as well as in the company’s private cloud organised with Windows Server-based infrastructure.

Asta Resources realises the idea of the communitised business and operations support system. Its simple, intuitive and attractive smartphone and tablet applications, resembling social networks apps, are so much different than heavy, complex, overloaded applications of legacy, traditional resource inventory systems, which are installed on a limited numer of workstations and are only operated by a few highly skilled individuals. With simplification being one of primary system design objectives, Asta Resources provides for creating a large community of system users who can access resource-related information no matter who they are and where they are, using their everyday experience with instant messaging, uploading multimedia content or information tagging of social networks. In that way, Asta Resources promotes ubiquitous use of rich, multimedia resource-related information throughout all the divisions of the company, making the information more up-to-date, more consistent, and thus more valuable, allowing, in particular, for data crowdsourcing, etc.

Asta Resources is both flexible and future safe. Domain-specific models of resources that are downloaded at system deployment can then be customised and extended at system runtime — using object-oriented modelling concepts, system administrators can freely define new classes (kinds) of resources, like a new kind of equipment with specific functionality, and new resource types, i.e., specific types of resources of a given kind, like a new model of equipment of a given kind from a given manufacturer. Exploiting advanced capabilities and customisation features of the Asta Surveys technology arbitrary technical surveys can be defined to support resource management processes. And due to advanced workflow and workforce capabilities of Asta Platform those business processes can be tailored to the company’s profile, structure, maturity, and specific needs.