Asta Labs at European Utility Week

On November 3rd-5th solutions of Asta Labs were presented at the European Utility Week 2015 conference in Vienna, Austria. The conference gathered over 10,000 smart energy professionals from around the world trying to answer the question of how the energy sector can move forward by utilising the tremendous potential of the smart energy industry, in particular in the areas of Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT).

At the booth of Sigfox a live demo presented the integration of the Asta Inventory of Things — Asta IoT — product with the IoT network based on the LPWA technology from Sigfox. A proven cost-effective and secure 4L (Low Power-Long Range-Low Traffic-Low Cost) IoT network technology, the technology from Sigfox enables building large IoT networks with hundreds of thousands of connected devices. EED (Every European Digital), Asta Labs’ partner and the partner of Sigfox in Poland, demonstrated how Asta IoT can answer the challenges of managing such vast numbers of IoT devices equipped with miscellaneous types of sensors. Asta Inventory of Things is an innovative resource inventory solution that enables managing the configuration and state of IoT devices in real time as well as managing deployment and maintenance processes of the IoT network.

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