We concentrate on the development of mobile applications and cloud computing-based systems. We aim at integrating the capabilities of ubiquitous and simple communication and information access of contemporary mobile networks with the potential for scalable and reliable information processing and data storage of advanced cloud computing infrastructures.

Developing sophisticated software solutions, we address the needs of private users and user communities looking for attractive though simple applications offering innovative personal communication and information access services. We also target the needs of business customers requiring advanced systems supporting information and business process management in the areas of product offering and customer relationship management, service charging and billing, resource and service inventory and design, process and resource mathematical modelling and optimisation.

We deliver complete integrated solutions deployed by our customers, as well as provide standalone system modules and system development platforms that can be used by our partners to enrich or build their final offering. Thus, with simplicity, usability and attractiveness being our primary concerns, by design, our computing modules provide well defined services exploiting standardized though extensible information models, while our mobile applications transparently access and combine information available through multiple our own and third-party services.

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