Asta IoT at Smart City Expo

On November 17-19th Asta Labs partnered Sigfox at Smart City Expo World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Spain. The congress is the main event dedicated to the development of the smart city vision and the major forum for presenting how the smart city concept is being implemented with IoT (Internet of Things) technologies.

Asta Labs’ commitment to the idea of smart city dates back to when its innovative Asta Smart City product was released. In Barcelona, Sigfox presented an entire portfolio of working smart city solutions based on miscellaneous types of sensor-based IoT devices connected to the IoT network. And demonstrated how the configuration and state of IoT devices can be effectively managed in real time with Asta Inventory of Things — another innovative solution from Asta Labs being a new-generation resource inventory system. The solutions and their integration were demonstrated live in the network of Cellnex Telecom, Spain, which is the largest IoT network in Europe, comprising 1.3k base stations with the capacity of 1M devices each. The network is built using the LPWA technology from Sigfox, which is a major 4L (Low Power-Long Range-Low Traffic-Low Cost) IoT network technology.

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