The system provides for managing a network of warehouses, managing the stocks, managing the transport of commodities between warehouses and geographical locations, and monitoring of items in geographical locations. The commodities are described with extendable commodity types allowing for the description of parts and materials; flexible categorisation and the usage of QR and NFC codes is supported. The life cycle of the article (commodity) covers the import of the article from a supplier to a warehouse, transport of the article among warehouses, transport of the article from a warehouse to a geographical location and article’s installation, deinstallation of the article and transport back to a warehouse, export of the article to a reciepent. The transport of the article is the result of issuing the delivery order which results in one or more transport requests; cyclic and predefined transfers are supported. The services allow for managing commodity types, managing the stocks and the location of commodities in the warehouse, managing commodity delivery orders, preparing transport requests with intelligent search of warehouses for ordered items, managing transport requests, in particular, monitoring the position and the handovers, monitoring items in geographical locations. Flexible system of inventory- and transfer-related notifications is provided.

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