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Lab Resources Reservation on Asta Platform

Using the newest release of the Asta Platform, the flagship product of Asta Labs, the Department of Switching and Computer Networks of the Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) has just implemented the first production version of its Lab Resources Reservation system. The system allows the students that attend the courses provided by the Institute of Telecommunications (IT; the parent unit of the Department) to reserve the time and the resources required for their laboratory assignments.

As a rule the resources are accessed remotely and are provisioned at runtime using the virtualisation capabilities of the Department’s IT infrastructure. Already supporting a considerable number of courses provided by the Institute, the system is used by almost 400 students of the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technologies. While primarily allowing the students to reserve the lab resources it also provides the lecturers with the capabilities of monitoring the reservation process.

The system has been implemented by the students who are active in the scientific circle of the Mobile Applications and Systems, supervised by staff members of the Department. The entire phase of system design, coding, testing and deployment has been completed within 6 weeks.

Cooperation with the Warsaw University of Technology

Asta Labs has signed a cooperation agreement with the Institute of Telecommunications (IT) of the Warsaw University of Technology (WUT), the major and most prominent technical university in Poland. The Institute of Telecommunications and Asta Labs are eager to establish a collaboration relationship that will involve innovative research and development projects pertaining, in particular, to the Telco 2.0, IMS, LTE, and FTTx technologies. According to the agreement, Asta Labs will provide the Institute of Telecommunications with the most current version of its software Asta Platform and the corresponding know-how. The platform includes Asta Services and Asta API allowing for the mobile application- and cloud computing-based system development and deployment.